Talent, looks and ambition can run in the family… but so can secrets.

Cara Brooks


Cara Brooks, a high-flying property developer, has everything she could possibly desire - apart from passion.


Tired of her rocky relationship with husband David, shes overwhelmed upon meeting Sirena, a young, beautiful woman, one evening in a Mayfair hotel bar. Cara knows she has to make life changes, but is unsure whether she can enter into a serious relationship with a woman, particularly when she knows Davids family secret - a secret she has promised to never divulge. While battling her conflicting emotions, she lies to those she cares about most. Her desire for true happiness will bring complications into her otherwise carefree life. But does she really know what she truly wants? Can she risk everything for her own pursuit of passion?

Elle Milne-Smith


Elle Milne-Smith knows only too well that with her sultry beauty she can have anything she wants.


She embraces her fulfilling family life with her second husband Makram and her two wonderful children. But she is also secretly involved with gorgeous twenty-something Lyra, who means more to her than she lets on to close friends. Makram and Lyra satisfy all her needs, but when a series of unexpected problems appear, her indulgent lifestyle is turned upside down.